Interview with a grandparent!

Do you ever sit to hear the stories of grandparents? Or your parents ? Such a precious time – I know I enjoy when the littles ask me about how something was when I was their size. Then sit back and watch their facial amazement when it’s so very different from what they know now.

Dont have a lot of pictures of that special grandparent? Take a photo today and see if they have an older photo to share or copy. Then grab a glass of lemonade, sit on the front porch and ask a few questions. Add those conversation bits with their photos and you are a memory keeper! Let the stories be handed down this summer as you visit family.

Here are a few questions to get you started!

Question ideas:

1. Do you know any stories about the day you were born?

2. What did you like about school days? Favorite subject? Favorite Teacher?

3. What is your most vivid memory of a historical event?

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

5. What were your favorite games or hobbies growing up?

6. What’s your favorite book? Favorite movie?

7. What scared you as a child?

8. How did you meet your spouse?

9. What’s your favorite recipe?

10. What technology do we have today that as a young person you never believed was possible?

Questions inspired by and adapted from

Start today and be your family’s memory keeper!