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National Scrapbook Month

Today is the day we celebrate the art and fun of memory keeping! The first Saturday in May – today! Today is special to me because it’s also my only son’s birthday. So guess how I will spend my day? Pouring over his baby book and those precious pictures and memories of days gone by.

Even my Facebook posts are reminding me of Weston’s birthday with previous years and pictures I posted. The danger is when Facebook moves on (remember myspace??) where do my memories go? How do I recall those amazing moments (ok some are just rants, venting and memes!)? I PRINT, JOURNAL AND KEEP them in a book I can easily access without electricity, internet, wi-fi, buttons, and any other digital way!

Here are a few of my digital favorites

Remember those old ‘magnetic’ albums? Don’t know why they were called magnetic since they had a glue base page with a plastic cover. You could easily SEE your photos but it would ruin them to peel them out of the book. Over time they lost their vibrant colors and looked what we now know to be ‘vintage’ – you know old like the filters we add to our photos to create nostalgia!

So today – take a few minutes to pour over an old memory book, share a memory with someone, make a memory with someone, or even upload photos to be printed!

Should you desire to learn more about memory keeping or memory gifting (I just made that up to label the items I make to record memories and share as a gift!) I would love to hear from you! Use my ‘contact’ form, Facebook, Instagram, text, phone, email, homing pigeon or stop by!